Now you too can easily do you part in saving the planet with a plastic free, chemical free, healthy for your skin and the environment, all natural liquid hand wash soap pods. Just one Bullet makes 12 ounces of an all plant based soap. 

In this order you get

> One glass, re-usable hand soap pump
> One Earth's Element Soap Bullet makes 12 ounces of liquid hand soap
> One Ocean Breeze  makes 12 ounces of liquid hand soap
> One Honey Coco Mango  -makes 12 ounces of liquid hand soap
> One Cool Citrus Herb -  makes 12 ounces of liquid hand soap
> One Kraft paper compostable tube
> One seed       

A total of 48 ounces of all Natural liquid hand soap          

Come join the plastic free journey with a truly, all natural, liquid hand soap concentrate made from real plants. ONE Soap Bullet drops into 12 ounces of your own water (any water is fine). NO need to squeeze the product out! Just drop the biodegradable Soap Bullet into your water. 

To use just grab your Glass Hand Soap Pump, add in one soap bullet and fill this pump to the top with any water you have available to you.  Replace cap and let the bullet dissolve. It will take a few hours to completely dissolve. While it dissolves, shake the container at random to help it along. 

Choose your scent with natural essential oils or fragrance oil.

This soap bullet is truly amazing. AND guess what!! It is really made from plants. Plants like olive oil, coconut oil, sunflower oils, castor oils and aloe extract. NOW doesn't that sound delicious for your hands!! It truly is! NO more dry irritated hands. And the best part is what goes down the drain won't be left over hurting the environment. 

WIN WIN for you and mother nature. 


4 Bullets One Soap Dispenser 48 ounces of Natural Soap