Gift Set Soap Bullets Plus Dispenser
  • Gift Set Soap Bullets Plus Dispenser

    Plant based liquid hand soap concentrate. It comes in a pod that is easily dropped into 12 ounces of your own water and your own soap pump if you have one. This soap pod is made from olive oil, coconut oil, sunflower oil, castor oil and aloe butter. What is not to love!

    No more Sodium Laurel or Laureth Sulfate. Get rid of the irritating Cocamidopropyl betaine or the hazardous EDTA.

    Enjoy an all-natural hand soap that lathers well to give you that clean, fresh feeling and won't dry out your hands!

    This can be a gift for you or that someone special in your life. Comes with one hand soap pump and your choice of 4 soap bullets. Choose an essential oil blend or go with a great fragrance.