Aloe Water and Jasmine Hand Soap Refill
  • Aloe Water and Jasmine Hand Soap Refill

    The Soap Bullet is handmade using organic oils and butters, cooked for hours, hand rolled and invdividually wrapped. 


    Each biodegradable soap bullet dissolves into 12 ounces of water. The entire soap bullet (shell and plant based interior ingredients) dissolves and is safe for you and the environment. This is a soap pod and better than a soap tablet.


    Infused with a beautiful natural aroma of Aloe Water and Jasmine along with  organic coconut oil, olive oil, sunflower oil, aloe butter and castor oil. Just drop your bullet into 12 ounces of water and watch it slowly liquefy. You will notice the water color turn from a milky white to a gorgeous blue/green color. Once completely dissolved (which can take up to 3 hours), try out your liquid hand soap. Feel the silkiness from all the natural, plant based material, which makes up your bullet.


    Aloe water & jasmine natural fragrance oil has shimmering notes of green aloe water meld with an ethereal bouquet of jasmine petals, beach rose and lilac. This is an aroma of a bouquet of flowers and goes well in a liquid hand wash. 


    Rest assured that every time you wash your hands, what goes down the drain will not end up hurting our life sustaining water systems.


      Take your soap dispenser and make sure it's clean. Fill the soap dispenser with 12 ounces of water then drop one soap bullet into the water. Replace the lid and let dissolve. Your soap bullet will take a few hours to dissolvle. To dissolve faster shake the container at random. 

      Keep the bullet out of direct sunlight, extreme heat and of course water, until ready to use. 


      I want to make sure that you are 100 % satisfied with your purchase. If at any time you feel that the product did not fit your needs, let me know as soon as possible. 

    • PRO TIP:

      Don't like to wait for the soap bullet to dissolve, always have an extra on hand ready. Find a clean canning jar or any jar that can hold 12 ounces of water along with a lid. Place a soap bullet, along with 12 ounces of water into the jar and replace lid. Place the jar under a sink or in a cabinet. Next time you run out of soap, just grab your pre-made liquid hand soap and add it to your soap dispenser.  Enjoy!!


      So why the Soap Bullet and what make it so special? For one, we are detergent free. Check the labels on any liquid soap, tablet or foaming hand soap on store shelves or online and first you see it either SLS or Cocamidopropyl betaine. Those are only the first on the list of the detergents they use. They use them because they are cheap and easy to make into a product to sell quickly. 

      We here at Soap Bullet do not use any detergents in our soaps. It's just pure oils and butters, cooked for hours and then formed by hand into the product you see today. Once you use it for the first time, you will feel the luxury of the oils and butters through your fingers and be left with soft, moisturized hands. 

      The Soap Bullet is a pure soap concentrate that dissolves into a liquid hand soap. Hey, even some people use it to wash their face, that's how great and safe it is at cleaning with never leaving your skin dry.


      Organic Coconut, Sunflower, Castor, Olive oils with Aloe Butter. 

      Colors will vary and some change with UV light and once incorporated within the water. No worries your soap is still perfect!

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