4 pack Best Selling Scents - Soap Bullet
  • 4 pack Best Selling Scents - Soap Bullet

    Now you can easily save the planet and your hands with every hand wash using this eco-friendly, biodegradable, zero-waste liquid hand soap refills. 

    Every time you wash your hands you will be 100% confident knowing that what you are putting on your skin is safe and what goes down the drain won't hurt the planet. 


    It's super EASY to use at home! All you need is your own liquid hand soap pump and some water. One soap pod makes up to 12 ounces of all natural, never drying hand wash!


    This 4 pack comes with Earth's Element, Honey-Coco Mango, Ocean Breeze and Cool Citrus Herb. 


    Saving the planet has never been easier and with every purchase you get your hands on growing a tree. 


    Every purchase also come with an eco-friendly, compostable tubing. Less weight, no waste and super low costs on shipping.


    Spread the word and let everyone know about how they can save the planet one hand wash at time!!

    • Instructions:

      Take one soap bullet and place it into a liquid soap container that holds at least 12 ounces of water. Fill to 12 ouces of water. Replace cap and shake container. Let sit and shake at radom. It will take a few hours to dissolve. Enjoy the all natural, 100% plant based liquid hand soap. 

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