Aroma of the month

Lemon Sugar

  • Zero Waste

  • Made from Real Plants

  • 100 % to decompose

  • Soft and gentle on skin

  • Handmade with compassion

  • $

  • Homemade in USA

Our products

  • Packaging Waste

  • Made from Detergents

  • Does not degrade

  • Irritates and dries skin

  • Machine made

  • $$

  • Made in China

Their products

The one thing we can agree on is that both products clean dirt and grime but theirs will cost you more and will be left over in our environment. 

Enjoy Lemon Sugar at a discounted price for the month of February.
It's a great way to get your hands on some Bullets and save even more $.  



Made In Mentor, Ohio 44060