Frequently asked questions

How long does it take the Soap Bullet to melt?

The soap bullet can take a few hours to overnight to melt. Remember, the ingredients come from natural plants, not fake ingredients, so it will take longer to melt into the water. Shaking the container more frequently will help the soap bullet to dissolve faster but is not necessary.

How do you make the Soap Bullet?

It takes a few hours to make just a few soap bullets. These are made by hand over a stove with a lot of stirring. Even though it is very time consuming to make, it is worth the time to be able to supply a truly natural product.

What is on the outside of the Soap Bullet, it looks like plastic?

The outside of the soap bullet is made of polyvinyl alcohol (PVA). What is great about this invention is that it completely dissolves into the water. No micro plastics are left behind when the soap goes down the drain because this is not plastic. What is left behind when the PVA dissolves is carbon, hydrogen and oxygen. It will not pollute water or soil.

I don't like fragrances, do you have one that does not have a smell?

Yes, we do carry an all natural soap bullet, which contains no fragrance and no colors. It will have a natural scent of the oils we use because we do not add a chemical to cover up the natural aroma.