"Loved them. They smelled great and my hands feel so much better after using it for a bit; they used to be so dry. So many people have already been asking about it ever since I put it in the bathroom. Thank you for creating this zero-waste product!"

Emily (etsy purchase)


Easy to Use

Using your own soap dispenser drop the Soap Bullet into 12 ounces of water. Let dissolve a few hours or overnight. 

Less is More

Save space, time and money all while peacefully knowing that you are purifying our oceans of unnecessary plastics and toxins. 

Detergent Free

Handmade with natural oils and butters with excellent lather, superior cleaning, while never drying out your hands. 

The only soap pod made using real plants! Others claim to be made with real plants only to be made with sulfates and/or other fake "plant like" synthetics. 

moisturizing, non-toxic,


We have transformed the ordinary, harsh liquid hand soap to an all natural, detergent free, sulfate free, safe for the planet, just add water, gentle hand washing soap refill. 

how can a liquid hand soap be natural

Time and dedication is what it takes to make a batch of our natural hand soap concentrate.  Our recipe is the only product that is truly natural. You will not find SLS or Coco betaine, which are detergents, in our soap products. You will find olive, coconut and other oils that make this liquid hand soap.  

We care about what you put on your skin and with all the hand washing going on today, we wanted to make sure you have the best soap that is non drying and saves our planet. 

Naturally Simple

free from: sulfates (sls,sles), parabens, detergents and plastics 

"The soap was super easy to use! I love the bubbles and the feeling of it is amazing!"

Laura T.

Safe for You and the Planet


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